Our Isfahan quality is a very fine weave similar to traditional Isfahan carpets allowing us to produce the intricacy the designs require. The pile is a combination of wool with silk highlights.


Circa 4,000 knots/cm2

Pile height circa 15-20mm

Wool pile with silk highlights on a wool foundation


Anar Collection (Limited Edition) by NOV24 Design Studio, Vienna, for Zollanvari


Design also available in bespoke sizes. Please contact us!


The carpets and flatweaves for sale on this site are a vivid expression of the art and soul of the traditional weaving and aesthetic sensibility of the nomadic tribes of the Zagros Mountains of the Fars region, where almost all our collections are woven and where we have cultivated and nurtured extensive personal relationships with these tribes.


These beautiful weavings are all hand-knotted using the highest grade highland wool from the Fars region. The wool is very supple and ideal for rug making and it is traditionally hand-carded and hand-spun and dyed using natural dyes made from plants collected from the immediate vicinity of the nomadic weavers in our main dyeing facility, which is second to none and is run by our Master Dyer whose knowledge and experience have been passed down to him through many generations in a family dedicated to the art of dyeing.


All the designs published on this site are copyright registered by Zollanvari International and are our sole property. Our designs are also available in Bespoke sizes and colourways and we offer an unparalleled service for custom designs.

Designer - Derakhte Anar 1b

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